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My weekly blog consists of exercise and nutrition related tips and strategies, sprinkled with a little motivation and inspiration, to help you along your health and fitness journey.

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Hi there! I’m Shannon Labrador, a health and nutrition coach, and I help busy multitasking superwomen prioritize themselves and create easy habits so that they can eat healthy, move more, and gain control of their health.

Like many of you, I’m a busy working mother of three, trying to juggle work, life, family, and health and fitness. I don’t live in the gym, I actually work at a desk all day.

I love drinking coffee, spending time with my family, and vacationing at Disney World.  

I know how powerful it can be to gain control of your health and feel great about yourself. That’s why I’m on a mission to teach other women that no matter how “busy” the are, they can always make time for what’s important, and their health should always be at the top of that list! 

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Are you a busy multi-tasking superwoman with no time to eat healthy and exercise?

Jumpstart your health and weight loss with these easy and time saving strategies to create super healthy delicious meals!