3 Things Holding You Back From Achieving Your Health Goals


Do you have a goal to lose weight?  

Do you want more energy and improved health?  

Do you know what might be holding you back from reaching those goals?  

In order to reach your goals, you must overcome the mental blocks, remove some unhealthy habits, and replace them with healthy habits.  By consistently doing the right things, you can absolutely be successful!

So here are the three things that are holding you back:


If you’ve tried to lose weight before and weren’t able to achieve the results you were hoping for, you may be reluctant to try again because you’re afraid you’ll just end up with the same results, disappointed, and frustrated. But many people fail to realize that failure is a stepping stone in the process.  You can’t succeed without failure, and as long as you're failing, that means you’re trying.  

Look back at each failure and try to learn something from it so that you can move just a little further along in the process the next time.  If you keep trying, eventually you’ll get there!  


You’re busy, I get it.  You have a full time job or business, you have a husband, kids, after school activities, and maybe even a side hustle on top of all of that.  There’s just no time left to focus on eating healthier or exercising.    But, if it’s really important to you, you have to prioritize it.  

Think about anything that you’e achieved in your life - your college degree, climbing the corporate ladder, or even starting your own business.  Did those things come easily or happen overnight?  Did you have to prioritize them above all else at times and just make it happen?  Of course!  Anything worth it in life takes time and effort, and your health is no different.  If you don’t have your health, everything else will eventually start to suffer.  


It can be completely overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what to do sometimes.  If you search online for diets or healthy eating, you get bombarded with things like cleanses, keto diets, whole 30, paleo, gluten free…. Whoa talk about overwhelming!! Then after feeling completely confused about what to do next, maybe you decide to do nothing, or order a pizza lol!! 

Sometimes it’s just easier and much less stressful to ask for help.  Have someone else lay out the steps that you need to take so that you don’t even have to think about it.  I’ve been there, trust me, and many times that can be just what you need to get some momentum and ultimately reach your goals.  

If you’re a busy woman like me, juggling work, family, and life, let me help you by taking the stress and confusion out of making healthy lifestyle changes, that will ultimately help you to lose weight, gain energy, and become the healthiest version of yourself!  

Shannon LabradorComment