4 Steps To Better Time Management

Are you always running out of time?  Or do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of “things” you have to do in the amount of time that you have?

Maybe it’s time to change your relationship with time.  We all view things through our own lens, and that lens can distort how we view time and what we can accomplish in the amount of time that we have.    

If you’d like to be able to manage your time better and feel more relaxed about what you have to accomplish in the time you have available, then here are 4 steps that can help you.  

  1. Realize that you have a relationship with time.  You’ve labeled it.  You see it and experience it a certain way, and that's how it will show up for you.  You’ve made up your mind about what time is and what it isn’t, similar to the way you’d see someone in your life.  Think about a relationship you have with someone.  Maybe you think your dad is either awesome or a jerk.  Other people probably view him differently than you do.  Name and write down what you think about time, including phrases, stories, and words you use when talking about time.  Examples are finite, limited, never enough time, too busy, or overwhelmed.  How does this relationship with time affect you?  Do you always feel rushed, overwhelmed, stressed?

  2. Your relationship with time is not what actually “is”.  It’s how you experience it and the only way you’ll allow it to be.  It’s the filter through which you experience time.  

  3. This is a hard one.  You wouldn’t say the things you say about time if there wasn’t something in it for you.  It benefits you in some way.  Be honest with yourself.  When complaining about not enough time, what is the benefit for you?  Be open to this idea and really think about it.  Assume that there IS a benefit, so what could it be? Time is relative; if you put your hand on a burning hot stove 60 seconds would feel like a lifetime, but to watch an award winning movie it would be an extremely short amount of time.  Are you avoiding responsibility in some area of your life?  If you’re complaining about time, it’s allowing you to avoid something.  Are you staying too busy because you’re avoiding doing something that scares you? 

  4. Create your new relationship with time.  Look at it with fresh eyes, a different lens.   Think about the present moment.  There is no past or future, just this moment.  Accept time as it is, just right now.  Worry, stress, and no time means you’re not in the present moment. Don’t live in the past or the future.  When you’re in the present moment, you can choose to see time differently.  “I can get everything done”, “there’s an abundance of time”, “all time is now”.  Write a new story about time.  Then you can begin to notice anytime you have a moment where you think negatively about time.  Catch yourself and tell the new story about the empowering relationship you now have with time.

Your life will be as successful to the degree in which you take responsibility in your life.  Blaming and complaining is not taking responsibility.  You either take responsibility or you’re a victim of time.  Do not be a victim.  You created the relationship you have with time, so you create a new one and a new way to experience time.   

Shannon LabradorComment