How To Make Traveling With Your Food Easy


We all know how important it is to eat healthy food, but traveling can present certain challenges.  When you’re at home, eating your healthy prepped food is super easy - you just take it out, heat it up, and eat it.  But what about when you’re not at home?  How do you pack your food for the day or an even longer trip?  


It’s not always easy, but it is relatively simple and so worth it to maintain your healthy eating regimen, especially if you have specific health or fitness related goals.  That’s why so I’m going to share with you some tips and products that I have used to make traveling with my healthy food easier.

First, you need to have meal containers that make it easy to pack your food for traveling.  There are many different options for meal containers, and you can find great options on Amazon or at WalMart or Sam’s.  Here are the ones that I recently bought at Sam’s for an amazing price - 25 containers for around $7!!  You can’t get that anywhere else.  

Next, you need a good cooler bag to travel with your meals.  There are several brands out there, so you can look at each to see what fits your preference.  I’ll talk about the few that I’ve tried and give you my honest feedback on each.  


First, Six Pack Fitness Bags.  I’ve used one of their bags, and to be very honest, I thought the quality was lacking.  It didn’t hold up very well and started to tear apart family quickly.  

Second, FitMark Bags.  I’ve never used one of their simple cooler bags, but I do have one of their gym bags with a small cooler pack built in.  It holds 2 meals, so that’s pretty convenient even though I don’t use it that way.  I do love the gym bag and use it every day.  It comes with containers that are odd for meals because they’re very tall containers, so I didn’t find those useful for normal meal prep.  

Last, Isolator Fitness Bags.  I absolutely LOVE my Isobag.  I have one of the 3 meal bags and it has everything I need.  It holds 3-4 meals easily, with space for a water bottle and shaker but on the sides, and utensils or supplements in the top compartment.  I’m definitely a little partial to the this bag!