How To Own Your Health

What does it mean to own your health?  

Do you ever feel like you’re going in circles, losing weight, and then gaining it back?  Or maybe you think about losing weight, but you’re not sure how to do it.  

Take back control of your health and your life with these easy steps.  


1. Measure It:  

It’s important to start off by measuring to get clarity on where you are now, where you want to go, and what obstacles stand in your way. This will help you to eliminate distractions, lose the stories that keep you stuck, and tame your emotions so that you don’t continue turning to the foods that hold you back from reaching your goals. This will ensure that weight loss feels effortless and you never feel like a failure. 


2. Own It:

Imagine what’s possible, and step into your new identity so that you can eat, move, and think as if you’re already at your goal weight and health.  Take 100% ownership, learn to say no, boost your confidence, and avoid the severe consequences of not taking action now. 

Photo by primipil/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by primipil/iStock / Getty Images

3. Believe It:

The biggest reason that so many women fail to reach their goals is lack of belief in themselves.  You must learn to leverage past successes, even if they’re small, and stick to a plan based on your strengths. Belief is FREE, and just as easily as you created the belief that you’re not able to reach your goals, you can create the belief that you CAN and DESERVE to be a happier healthier you. 


4. Declare It:

The most common excuse people have for not taking action is “I don’t have time”.  Learn how to bravely declare your goals, set priorities, manage your time, and ask for help in a way that motivates you to take consistent action.  With additional support and accountability, you’ll be able to get off the diet rollercoaster and firmly stand in your conviction to permanently win this battle for good.  


5. Do It: 

Take action based on knowledge backed by personalized data of what’s working, what’s not working, and how your emotions are affected by your choices. Tap into your winning identity and confidently make healthy decisions, no matter what the circumstances.  “Act as if” there’s no Plan B, because when it comes to your health and happiness, there isn’t one. 


6. Celebrate It:

Finally, you’ll look at where you are now verses where you started.  Discover your personal power bust through excuses, push past old fears, forgive yourself, release negative emotions, and unlock your secret for natural and easy weight loss.  Celebrate the wins, big and small, and experience the joy of celebrating YOU. Build on your wins, and create the momentum required to eat healthy, train daily, and be happy for life.   


But what if you’re afraid of failing again? 

Change can be a scary thing, especially if you’ve tried before and “failed”, but every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Think about why you’ve failed in the past and what you can do differently this time to ensure success.   

These are the same steps and strategies that I use in my own life to ensure that I maintain the healthiest me possible.  I’m a busy mom with a full time job, and I know that it’s possible to eat healthy, exercise, and have the body that I deserve.  And I know that you can do it too! 

Are you ready to become the healthiest version of yourself? It’s time to take back to control and Own Your Health!  

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