Why Should You Do A Sugar Detox?

Why I Cut Out Sugar

Picture this: a woman, nearly 40, married to a great guy, has 3 beautiful and amazing kids. She has all the reasons to feel great and be happy. But she has a few pounds to lose, and is tired, unhappy, not satisfied, and her head is full of negative thoughts about herself. She wasn’t patient with her kids, the house was a mess, and she just didn’t feel good.  Does any of this sound familiar?  Well it does to me, because I’ve been there, in that exact place.  

I cannot tell you exactly why I decided to change, it was a process that led me to the decision that things had to change, and I knew that the first step was to change my diet. The idea that I was addicted to sugar was not something new to me. Every diet I’ve done in the past always had rewards, a treat once or twice a week. It was chocolate or something else, and the craving for sweets never died, it was always there, lurking in the dark, waiting for me to eat a little bit more. And I always did, which led to more cravings and binges on sweets.

This time, I decided to cut it all out! I decided to stop the chocolate, the white bread, everything that led me to overeat and have cravings for more. The first few days were so hard, and I found myself  looking around the house for something to eat, even when I wasn’t really hungry. The struggle was real!

Every time I looked for something sweet I decided to eat a fruit or a vegetable instead. After a few days, the desire for sweet calmed down and it got easier. I was looking for it less and found healthy and better ways to fill my days.

Here are some of the ways that helped me in my process:

·      Remove temptations from the house, as much as possible when you have kids in the house.

·      Make meals in advance.

·      Create a meal menu so I know what I eat and when.

·      Drink lots of water - I drink about a gallon a day.

·      Exercise, in the morning if possible. Start with anything, 10 minutes, and gradually increase.

·      Listen to motivational podcasts about health and self-development. It helps to motivate me and keep me on the path.

The difference is huge. I’m not talking only about pounds lost either. The craving for sweet is gone. There is some chocolate in the cupboard that my kids got and I don’t even remember that it is there unless they ask for it. I feel more energized, I can clean the kitchen at the end of the day and not just lay on the couch with no power. I feel much clearer in my head, I can find solutions for things much more easily, and I have a plan. I feel more positive about everything, happier.

I feel great. It has been a long time since I felt this way. I love it and I love me (which I wouldn’t say in the past). This is my win!

It is a little change but it makes a huge difference. With all the work that I have done, I feel that I am changing my life and making it better.  Did you ever try a change that made a big impact on your life?  Maybe now is the time. 

How Do You Sugar Detox?

Eliminating sugar just makes sense. It has no nutrition value at alland is actually very addictive. It also has many potentially dangerous side effects, but there are many immediate benefits to quitting sugar. There are also many natural sugar alternatives, so those can be helpful in quitting sugar for good.  While in the process of giving up sugar, there are also things that you shouldn’t attempt to do at the same time.  If you try to do too much at once, it can be overwhelming and cause you to get frustrated and give up too quickly.  

This guide will help you to understand the dangers of sugar, the benefits of quitting, and give you some steps to take to help you on your journey.  Use the 7-day meal plan guide for healthy and delicious meals and snacks without any added sugar.  

Dangerous side effects of sugar:

  1. Speeds aging process

  2. Suppresses immunity

  3. Disturbs mineral balance

  4. Raises cholesterol

  5. Increased risk of Alzheimer’s

  6. Diabetes and hypoglycemia

  7. Tooth decay and periodontal disease

  8. Disease

  9. Weight gain and obesity

  10. Yeast infections

  11. Kidney disease

  12. Hyperactivity

  13. Depression and anxiety

  14. Weakened eyesight

  15. Osteoporosis

  16. Coronary heart disease 

  17. Asthma

  18. Arthritis

  19. Gallstones and kidney stones

  20. Hormonal imbalance

  21. Appendicitis

  22. MSE

  23. Deceased growth hormone

  24. Emphysema

  25. Constipation

  26. Fatty liver

  27. Fluid retention 

  28. Headaches and migraines

  29.  Increases the serotonin levels

  30. Can produce ulcers

  31. May cause arthritis  

  32. Depletes the minerals in your body


Benefits of quitting sugar: 

Eliminating white and added sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health!  Here are only some of the benefits that you’ll experience when you decide to cut out this addictive substance.  

  1. Lose weight

  2. Clearer healthier skin

  3. More energy

  4. More consistent stable energy

  5. More motivation to eat clean

  6. Increased creativity

  7. More mental clarity

  8. More stable moods

  9. Less joint and muscle pain 

  10. Increased longevity 

  11. Stronger willpower

  12. Reduced anxiety

  13. Save money by buying less packaged foods

  14. Learn to make more things homemade

  15. Fewer artificial preservatives

  16. Consumer more fruits and vegetables

  17. Sleep better

  18. Experience less food cravings

  19. Feel healthier, happier, and more vibrant

Choose natural sweeteners: 

  1. Coconut sugar

  2. Stevia leaf

  3. Vanilla beans

  4. Dates / date sugar 

  5. Monk fruit

  6. Honey

  7. Maple syrup

  8. Molasses

  9. Mesquite powder

  10. Lucuma powder

 What not to do when giving up sugar: 

1.    Don’t get rid of sugar and fat at the same time

Maybe you think you’ll kill two birds with one stone and cut fat at the same time as sugar. First of all, fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does. Even if you eat 4 tablespoons of coconut oil in one sitting, you’ll STILL lose weight if you cut sugar. Fat is essential for stabilizing for blood sugar levels and curbing your sugar cravings, so make sure you get plenty of healthy fat at every meal.

2.    Don’t drink or eat “diet” anything 

Aspartame is NOT healthy and will make it so much harder for you to lose weight. It’s totally toxic and was originally invented as a type of rat poison. Practically everything labelled diet or sugar free has aspartame so stay away from anything with these labels.

 3.    Don’t load up on natural sugar like dried fruit and bananas 

Some natural sugar is okay if there’s enough fiber to counter the insulin spike. Bananas and dried fruits like dates are notoriously high in sugar and will make it all the more difficult to eliminate cravings.

4.    Don’t keep eating bread and refined carbohydrates 

Bread and refined carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes and white rice, don’t look like they contain sugar, but these foods break down into sugar once digested. If you keep eating them, you’ll keep craving sugar, and you’ll wonder what you’re doing wrong.

5.    Don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up 

Everyone slips up now and again. Be gentle with yourself if you make a mistake or have a weak moment and vow to keep trying. Don’t let one slip up start you on an outright binge.

To get started on your sugar detox, here is a grocery list that can help you put together healthy delicious meals and snacks that will fuel your body with little to no sugar.  

Here is an example 7-day menu to get you through your week without sugar.  Feel free to mix and match options or move meals around. 

For more tips and strategies, join my Facebook group:

Lifestyle Nutrition For Busy Women

For more tips and strategies, join my Facebook group:   Lifestyle Nutrition For Busy Women

For more tips and strategies, join my Facebook group:

Lifestyle Nutrition For Busy Women