VIP Nutrition Coaching

VIP Nutrition Coaching


How would it feel to lose the weight that’s been slowly creeping on, and have more energy than ever before, so that you can be the CEO that you want to be in your business?  

Don’t settle for perimenopausal weight gain or extreme fatigue that’s causing you to struggle through your day!

Get rid of annoying symptoms like acne, hot flashes, and night sweats!

What would it feel like to take back control over your body and feel like the healthiest most energetic version of yourself?  

No more energy crash mid-afternoon or sugar cravings after dinner! 

Eat healthy without feeling deprived, have energy to exercise and finish your day strong, and wear the cute clothes that have been hanging in the back of your closet!

How about the confidence of knowing how to choose better options, no matter where you are, and still enjoy yourself? 

Don’t miss out on birthdays or celebrations because you might be tempted to eat the cake!  You can have your cake and eat it too!  Or wine, or chocolate, or whatever you want!

You can have ALL of that, and more! If you're really ready to commit and invest in yourself so that you can be the energetic CEO you want to be, then let’s do this!

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3 month private one-on-one nutrition coaching program that includes the following:

  • Personal strategy sessions where we'll discuss your current situation, goals, preferences, challenges, and determine actions steps that you can take to make real changes.

  • A custom nutrition plan that easily fits into your lifestyle.

  • A proven program backed by science.

  • Support and accountability.

  • Guides to creating the perfect meal, tips for fast and easy meal prep, super shake recipes for decision on-the-go meal replacement, and more!