Lifestyle nutrition has no end.
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Day 1: Overcome your excuses

If you want to lose weight and improve your health, you have to get your mind in the right place. How does mindset impact ability to make lifestyle changes? The better your mental game, the better your physical game.


  1. What do you feel when you’ve “done wrong” or “failed” at recently?

  2. Why can’t you eat healthier? What’s stopping you?

  3. What reasons do you have for eating healthier?

  4. How do you feel now having identified those things?


Day 2: Your Worst ENEMY

Yesterday we talked about how to get your head in the game to help you succeed in losing weight and improving your health. It’s completely possible, but there may be times where you sabotage yourself ad your weight loss goals. Why? Because you’re human, and we all do it! The trick is to learn how to predict when and why this may happen, anticipate it, and plan for how to correct it so that you can stay on track.


  1. What are 5 ways that you commonly self sabotage

  2. How do you feel when that happens?

  3. How do you feel when you make healthier choices

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Day 3: Find your tribe

So far, we’ve talked about the importance of mindset in losing weight and improving health, and also identified some ways that you sabotage yourself in reaching your goals. Did you know women sometimes self sabotage so that they can be accepted by their friends and family? It’s true!


  1. Who do you have a hard time saying no to when it comes to food? List 3.

  2. What reaction will these 3 people have if you say no, and how will this affect your relationship?

  3. How can these people support you in losing weight and improving your health?


Day 4: ACT AS IF

So far, we’ve talked about the importance of mindset in losing weight and improving health, identified ways in which we self-sabotage, and discussed how our environment also impacts our ability to reach out weight loss goals. Today it’s time to start acting like the healthier and happier person you are destined to become.


  1. List 3 unhealthy habits that you currently have.

  2. List 3 healthy habits that you can replace those with.

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So far, we talked about the importance of mindset in losing weight and improving health. On Day 2, we identified how we sabotage ourselves. On Day 3, we talked about how our environment can impact our ability to reach our goals. Day 4 we discussed how to act as if we were already the best version of ourselves. Today we’re focusing on your beliefs and how they can affect whether you achieve your goals or not.


  1. What 3 weight loss or health related goals do you want to accomplish? (Example: more energy, lose weight, feel more confident.)

  2. Do you believe you can reach those goals? Why or why not?


Change your mind to change your weight!